Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maple Syrup Season Ends today!

Ahhh, another maple syrup season has come to a close. I pulled all the taps today and currently finishing off the last 4 gallons of sap collected today. What a bountiful season we had, I hope it is a sign of a good harvest this year as well! The taps and buckets are all scrubbed and ready for next year, though I've decided for sure this year that I'll need to be replacing some of the old rusty taps, they're simply getting worn out.
I've started seedlings in the house again this year, currently hanging out in the sun room and a few early risers have poked their sleepy little heads through the soil a to awaken in the glorious sunshine we had today. Spent most of the day today doing part of the annual spring cleaning of the barn, what a dreaded task that is, but it looks so mice when it's all done, when I was done for the day, I slapped a saddle on Garlic and went for a quick spin, he was as anxious to go as I was and we could have ridden for miles today but alas the fact that we hadn't ridden much this winter caught up with us and kept it short for today.
I am covered in manure, sweat, goat kisses, and dirt; as happy as a clam and ready for a hot shower, warm bed and a good book - or in this case my tractor safety manual. Oh the simple pleasures!

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