Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Planting starts today!

Tomato and peppers and chives oh my! Eggplant and leeks and basil oh my!

It might be a bit early yet, but I've got to start something from seed today, to soak the little peat pots and swell with as much pride as I get from seeing ity bity seeds go into the dirt and come back out as food for my family. I have high hopes for this year, hope that the goats will stay out of the asparagus and rhubarb beds I put in last year, hope for not getting blight like we did last year, hope to be able to fill the pantry like I've been able to do in previous years. (The above picture only shows 5 shelves, I had more shelves and two other sets of shelves just as full, it was a great year!) Hope that my children get as much joy and satisfaction from planting and growing as they have in years gone by and hope the we don't have 27 days straight in a row of rain again. Hope that the pumpkins grow big and fat and blue, that the squash is a bumpy as an acne ridden pubescent teen and that the tomatoes are as purple as the eggplantand other are as yellow as the sun! Loads and loads of hope!


  1. I know the feeling...I'm so ready to start planting too! I'll get my seeds started by the middle of this month...I've got a long way to go yet until the frost free date of mid-May.

    Your pantry looks great, by the way. I'm just learning how to can food.

  2. Good luck and hope you get all your wishes. I hope my shelves can look like yours this year( too much rain for us last year)

  3. Thank you Ladies, you are so kind. It's nice to hear when hard work is appreciated.

  4. Beautiful pantry. Nothin' better than a full pantry... I will wait on the starting of seedlings to go out to the garden but am seeding microgreens and sprouts!

  5. Thanks, this is one of my favorite photos.


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