Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Katie likes lemons

While we were sitting in the sunshine working on schoolwork, Andrew decided it would be fun if the goats were out, so he asked if he could let them out, I agreed. Well, let me tell you that they were no help at all! Katie being the ever curious goat that she is wanted to know what was in the bottom of my empty glass 'It's yellow, smells good, and if I could just get my head in there well, then I'd know...." Well I decided to dump it out for her to investigate. This was the result.
*Yes, Katie was tethered, she was 'too much help' with the kids; ripping pages out of books, tasting the ends of pencils, etc. Ordinarily she is not tethered.


So what's the view from your world about that? I'd enjoy hearing it.