Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I like that my kids know things...

...things like how to milk a goat, and where an egg comes from, because they've seen it being laid. I like that they refer to the food we grow as crops, and that they can do math without using their fingers or a calculator. I like that they get excited about trips to the library. I like that they know God. I like that they are able to grab a goat by the horn and deal with the antics that sometimes follow, and that they have compassion for others who are hurting and animals. I like that my kids know where our food comes from and the fact they enjoy fresh vegetables right from the garden or off a bush. Or a tree. I like their willingness to try new things and their endless fascination with creation. I like that they can play outside all day with sticks, buckets and baling twine and have a blast! That their imaginations have not been dulled by the
plugged-in-ness of modern society. I like that when a seed catalog arrives in the mail they get as excited about it as most kids do the toy catalog and say things like "Oh where do I start!" (Actually I love that.) I like that my kids know about ancient pharaohs like Queen Hatsheput, King Tutankhamen and Amenhotep and name chickens after them. I like that they know that it's not all about them and they respect that. And me. I like that they have manners and I can take them anywhere, ( I have and I do ) and know they will act appropriately and when we get home they will run outside and behave appropriately there as well; like hooligans and it is all alright. I like that they enjoy the beauty of a sunset or the view from the top of a mountain or can recognise composers of some classical music. There are lots of things that I like about what they know but I just wanted to share a few. Thanks for reading, I do tend to go on about my children, but please forgive me, they have given me a lot to be proud of and to go on about.


  1. Faith and Andrew your Mom is not the only one who is proud of you both, the things you know, the way you behave in, and out, of public, and the manners you use without having to be reminded. And the way you just pitch in and halp without being asked. Keep up the great work!

  2. Very nicely put. I like all those things too!

  3. No need for forgiveness it is nice you like to go on about your children. I am sure it makes them happy also when you want to share how proud you are of them. Strong family relationships is what we need more of these days.


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