Monday, March 29, 2010

FUV - Farm Utility Vehicle

One of the things my children received for Christmas was this heavy duty wagon, also know as farm utility vehicle. They put it together almost completely by themselves, they did need a little guidance from Mommy and Daddy helped with the wheels, they had a great time and worked together beautifully!

making sure Daddy had it just right
This wagon has already carried lots of things:

a sense of accomplishment for having done a great job building it....
......each other.......they have even worn the harness that I've used on the dogs with reins attached and each of them had been the horse or the goat.......and they convinced me to try to, as "It's FUN Mommy!" (awww shucks, I didn't get a picture of that.....)

....200 pounds of grain for the animals........

.........maple sap, and has even been used to muck out stalls! Of course not while carrying sap.
Now that we've used this for many things I cannot imagine not having it. Before I'd of had to unload the truck in four trips to the grain room, (on a good day just two) now I can just pop it in that make one trip! In the future I'm sure Buckley will somehow manage to be harnessed to this wagon as it is our intention for him to do some draft work, I say our intention as I'm not sure he'll go along with it, he seems more content to be a lap goat.


  1. We have one too - love it. The boys use it to haul wood down from the barn. ;-) Their great-grandfather bought it for them for Christmas a couple years ago. It's holding up well.

  2. That is so funny because about a month ago we got a green one just like it. Before I was trying to carry four 5 gallon buckets of feed across the road to the calf barn so I wouldn't have multiple trips and then I got this and wish I had gotten it sooner. My son loves it, he offers to get bags of feed for me now and hurries out to help because he wants to pull the cart. Simple pleasures for simple people I guess but I think my back loves it the best!


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