Tuesday, February 1, 2011

because of the bulkiness

One of the reasons winter is not my favorite season is because of the bulkiness of it. It takes up too much space in the yard with all the snowbanks, shoveled paths and several feet of snow piled up on the lawn, ugh! The animals have less room to run and one of my greatest fears in the winter is that Garlic will slip on the ice and... I don't even want to go there! But all that aside it not only takes up all that room outside, but it takes up far too much room inside as well. I've got to soak beet pulp and alfalfa for Garlic and that takes several hours so I prepare it in the morning for the evening feeding. Those are 50lb bags that are used twice a day and have to be stored somewhere, and since the water is inside, it kinda makes sense to keep it in the house, as much a pain in the butt that might be.* Then there are the frozen water buckets. The waterline in the barn is not one of those frost free ones - yet, and because it freezes when it gets cold outside and this year it was early December, I'm lugging water at least twice a day, 4 5 gallon water water buckets. The good news is my arms are getting really strong! Then there is the clothing, the hats, gloves, jackets, carharts, scarves and boots. It's just a big bulky mess and really makes me appreciate the beauty and simplicity of spring especially when the pipes thaw.
*It also helps to have a kind and patient husband who despite the bulkiness of that stuff knows how incredibly gloriously happy the barn makes me and has learned how to deal with it and for that it makes me appreciate him even more.


  1. Hi Twistie.
    When you take out the alfalfa and beet pulp for Garlic, if it has been soaking for hours, how do you keep it from freezing solid before Garlic can eat it? Do you add hot water once outside?

  2. When I put it on to soak in the morning I put a gallon of hot water in it, then a gallon of warm water and when I get ready to take it to him I top it off with another gallon of warm water. That way even in the freezing cold weather it's still warm for him to eat and he's never been one to miss or be late for a meal since he arrived here.


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