Wednesday, February 23, 2011

70-75% sure

I had Katie up on the milking stand tonight eating her grain and I was palpating her stomach and I'm pretty sure I felt movement! If she is pregnant she's just past the stage where I should be able to feel movement up in the front of where her udder will be. Now mind you I'm not expecting Katie to be 'with kid', but there are more signs that she is than isn't despite the fact she would not cooperate with the buck. But we all know 'those things' sometimes have a mind of their own and will go where they want... So for now I'm treating her like she is and hoping for a duo kidding in the beginning of April.


  1. My second goat (got her as a baby so she had never been bred before), got her with a buck and one second of mount X1 before she kicked him.NO cooperation what so ever... did not own a buck myself so no extra helpings, a few months produced 2 kids!

  2. And Strawberry???????????????any ACTIVITY THERE?


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