Monday, February 7, 2011

running out of space!

I'm really hoping that Spring is on it's way, as I'm very quickly running out of places to put all this snow! I got an email this morning that showed some places in South Dakota that had a lot of snow, and maybe it was real maybe it wasn't I don't know, never been there nor have the desire to go there especially if in fact they did get all that snow! But it got me to thinking about posting these pics...

Most sections of our rock wall have been covered and are no longer visible!

Coreah, (the white dog) is a fairly large dog, like 85 pounds! She's dwarfed by this snowbank!

The actual view from the school room door! I'm not making this up! Yes, part of this snow is what I spent over 5 hours shoveling off the roof the other day and 2 hours I spent shoveling today after Ron came home, just in case.... Who needs a gym membership?! Nearly 8 hours shoveling in three days plus all the time I spent snowblowing yesterday, I'm thankful I have the time and ability to do this and don't have a "job!" We don't use this door in winters like this, for obvious reasons, but just had to take a picture.
So do you think we've got enough snow here? Would you like some? If we do end up getting more snow, like they are predicting, I'll just have to think creatively as to where I'll put it!


  1. Beautiful snow, but I can only say that because I live on the Oregon coast and we never get any! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. Nope I'm all set, I don't need any more snow! I'll be so glad when I see some green grass!!


So what's the view from your world about that? I'd enjoy hearing it.