Tuesday, February 1, 2011

when we call in and he asks

We're well on our way to becoming debt free and unbelievably motivated now even more than before! So much so that as of today we've given up our land line and cable! We're keeping the internet so no worries you'll still get updates from the farm and you'll still be able to order soap. :-) I think that the internet is almost a staple in most homes now kind of like bread, milk and eggs. I'm not all that jacked up about giving up cable, I don't watch much t.v. but what I do allow myself to watch I really enjoy. I say allow myself to watch and I mean that, I was watching a program on some channel a long time ago and at the end of the show/documentary/what have you my immediate thought was "well, there's an hour of my life I'll never get back!" I was so disgusted at the show and mad at myself for watching it and the fact I'd essentially wasted an hour of my life and had nothing to show for it nor did I gain anything from it, and I didn't want that to ever happen again. I thought about it and came to the realization that before watching t.v. I'd decide if it would really matter if in a year watching or not watching this program would effect my life to be worth investing my time in it. My time is far too valuable to waste, so is yours.

When we are able to call into the Dave Ramsey show and scream "I'M DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" (Yes, people actually do this every Friday on the debt free Friday show and soon we'll be some of those people.) and he asks me what the hardest part was I'll say, " Different things at different times." At first it was getting me to say no to me. I'm not a shopper, I'm fairly thrifty, but there are things that I like to have and do, places I'd like to visit, etc. Then it was the guilt of having Garlic, a "toy" I am thankful for every day and get such pleasure from and the fulfilment of a life long dream. But Ron didn't have his "toy" and has been waiting patiently. I see a 4-wheeler in our future and when he takes it out for a ride I'll be happy as will he. Then there is the guilt of having to tell the kids no when they ask if we can go to funtown splashtown, (a local water park type place) it's quite costly (for all of us to go) and just not in the budget right now. However, after Ron gets the 4-wheeler, next on the agenda is one heck of a trip to funtown! The kids know this and understand what and why we're doing this and are satisfied with knowing we're headed there, soon. We're all living like no one else so that later we get to LIVE like no one else! (Sorry, Dave Ramsey-ism and right now I'm his biggest fan!) Then oddly enough it was giving up the cable and phone for a period of time, which I'm sure will be a blessing in many ways, but right this minute really kinda sucks. Then I'll tell him that all of it, all the beans and rice, rice and beans, sacrifice, and teasing were worth it.


  1. Congratulations! I smiled the whole way through reading your post. Well done you.

  2. Debt free is the way it should be. Everyone should aspire to that.
    I received the soap today. Wow, it is sooo nice. Thank you

  3. Thank you ladies! It feel so nice to be encouraged by people I've never even met but who have touched my life.

    doglady, I'm glad you like the soap, I have a feeling you'll be using it after all the shoveling we'll be doing here in Maine in the next couple days...

  4. Not much shoveling. After the plow guy gets done, I finish the details with the snowblower. I even set up my chicken pen so the snowblower can clear it. We have 28 inches on the ground and I think it snowed lightly through the night. The big one is on the way.

  5. I also love Dave Ramsey and we're working on becoming debt free...little by little! Sounds like you and your family are really doing great on the plan!!


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