Sunday, August 1, 2010

quilt show causes identity crisis

See a pattern here?!

Mom, Faith, Andrew and I went to a quilt show yesterday and once again were in amazement at these beautiful hand crafted works of art, so inspiring!We've been going since I was pushing the kids around in a double stroller. Not the place most kids would want to spend the day, but my children look forward to this yearly. So anyway, I got home, transferred the pictures I took to my computer and scanned back through them and thought hummm there is definitely a theme going on here. Do you see what I see?! Mind you this is just a small sampling of the pictures I took, (there were over 100, not too bad seeing as there were over 800 quilts!) Apparently I like quilts that feature squares, squares on point and stars in blues, greens and browns. Ugh I had no idea, but it jumped out to me as I looked back through the pictures. All my life I've been told I'm "unique," "bold," "eclectic," "twisted," "out-there," what have you, and loved every minute of 'freaking people out, being unconventional, going against the flow' but this made me question that. Am I as 'twisted' as I've been told? are people just saying that? what makes me drawn to this one particular style? Am I dare I say predictable? Gak! I hope not! Ugh! Well there it is, my freak out identity crisis, it is what it is I guess. I'm comfortable with who I am regardless whether I'm predictable or not and I suppose that is what matters.

one of my favorites! (above)

Not anything I'd ever try, but SO beautiful and meaningful! No this is not a painting, it's an actual pieced together quilt!

LOVED the sentiment of this! Having said that or thought it on occasion!

Would really like to make a quilt similar to this, only incorporate more of the farm.

Stunning and mostly appliqued!

Maybe a combo of the farmers market quilt and this one, loved the Nubians! Very well done!

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