Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yesterday my sister called on her way to the beach and asked me if I wanted to come along. I thought about it for a moment and figured that since I didn't have anything that was due that particular day and we've been working really hard this summer I could take a day and go along, after the chores were done. Well, it was a perfect beach day, not too hot, nice breeze, sunny and the beach wasn't crowded with obnoxious people! Yeah! Swimming off the coast of Maine is an experience one doesn't easily forget, or do too often! If you look at the pictures and see chunks of ice don't worry, that's normal. I kid, of course, but the color is icy blue for a reason. When you go to the beach; in Maine at least; it's more for the beauty and serenity that it offers. Seldom will you find adults in the water, as often times their bodies are still trying to thaw from their childhood dip in the pond! Seriously, the water is mind numbingly cold, one wave up around your ankles and your doing lamas breathing and hopping up and down like a lunatic! Despite the freezing temperatures we had a beautiful day! I took lots of pictures as usual, my sister forgot her camera as usual and Mom was surrounded by lots of grandchildren, as usual!

Thanks for the invite, it was a very welcome break from the farm.

This is the epitome of the Maine coastline, rugged rocks, sandy beaches, pine trees and icey blue water.

A place we popped off the beaten path for a bit of exploring and yes, more picture taking!

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