Saturday, August 21, 2010

I made YARN!!

These are two skeins of yarn that I spun myself on a drop spindle! It's a mohair/lamb blend and I think its to die for! I'm pretty pleased with how it came out having never taken a class or anything and being my first time. My sister showed me how to use a drop spindle a few years ago and I've puttered with it periodically. The wool I have from my animals is currently raw fleece, I do not have a carder so I can make it into roving, fortunately I live near a small spinning mill and they will do that fairly reasonably. I purchased this wool to blend in with my fiber, it was not what I needed and wouldn't work, so I opted to give it a whirl. Literally!
Once I had enough on my spindle I did a bit of internet poking around, found out what the next step was, spun another spindle full, plied the two together, soaked it, stretched it, dried it and voila' this is the result!
Hmmm, now what to do with it....


  1. Awe-some. Literally, I am in awe. That is SO cool.

  2. That is excellent yarn, especially from a drop spindle. It's even and not overspun, which is difficult to achieve without some practice. Between your yarn skills and prize-winning pigs, you've had a great week!

    Sometimes I use up scraps of handspun knitting egg cosys - covers for your soft-boiled eggs (I think it's an English thing). They're cute and easy. I did knit scarves for a couple of my hens once, for a photo to use as my Christmas card one year.

    Maybe another reader has more sensible ideas...

  3. Dog Hair, did you ever get my email? Thanks, I think it's pretty exciting myself...

    Jennifer, it must be an English thing, I've never heard of soft boiled eggs, what visions I've got in my head... so I've never heard of an egg cozy either. I've seen egg cups, a small goblet type thing that holds a hard boiled egg. It must have been a very cute Christmas card with hens in scarves, hmmmm an idea perhaps! Though I wouldn't want to use this yarn for chickens, much as I love them.

  4. Also thank you, and yes, we have had a great week!

  5. OMW! Oh my word! I like that as apposed to the other version. Looks great. Makes me want to start spinning again!


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