Monday, July 16, 2012

on my needles...

You may remember these little beauties I made from last year, maybe not. Due to the very uncomfortable heat and humidity for the past several days I've spent a lot of time inside avoiding it, it's miserable! In doing so I figured I'd better be doing something so I decided to get a jump on winter knitting to avoid months of chiropractic care and a neck and shoulder packed in ice for weeks! I posted these on our facebook page yesterday and said I'm making these again today only with fiber from my boys and got lots of compliments but I got a great idea to make these little beauties even better....

how? you ask....

let me show you...

...they are being lined with roving that will eventually felt into the mitten and make them softer and ever warmer. It's like sticking your hands into our llama without the work of having to care for him or shear him. These were even more popular, I've got three orders to fill already!


  1. The roving/felting idea is fantastic and certainly will make them warmer. Have you considered a longer cuff?

  2. I sure have! The pattern calls for making the cuff only two inches, for the first pair I did that, but for others and for the lined one I've made the cuff longer because I like a longer cuff.

  3. I have never understood mitten patterns that have short cuffs. I've always had really long arms and the cuff of my mittens always covered the inevitable bare skin.

  4. Cool idea, or rather a warm idea! Soft warm mittens for the winter! With the heat and humidity lately makes my hands sweat at the thought of them!!


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