Wednesday, July 11, 2012

finally and thankfully!

 Our first load of hay is in, finally! thankfully! As is usually the case my nephew was on hand to help out and this time so was my sister!! We figured out why families used to be so large, because it took that many people to get all the work done for survival! Here are a few pic from the day!

Yea! it's here! Who's going to make it to the top first?!
Dang! that's a lot of hay!
At first the work seems daunting! It's a labor of love and certainly like money on the bank!

No idea what he said, but he must have thought it funny, look at that sheepish grin!

Two hard working country girls! I love this picture!
Tossing in another bale! Photo credit: Jen L.

Two of the hardest working kids I know!

Working hard!

Bucking hay!
Bridger thought he'd be a big helper so he jumped up onto the wagon, turns out eh, not so much! My sister however was a big help! Thank you Jen!
YEA! We did it! We got it all in!!

Am I a big helper now Mom?
Cap'n Eli's ice cold root beer (which F.Y.I. is made in Maine and just so happens to be the worlds best root beer!) for a hard job done well!
I have a picture of the three of them in the hay loft from every year we've done this. I cannot believe how big they are getting!


  1. You are a brave gal to handle that hay with no sleeves! If I'm not covered up, any where the hay touches me gets red and has scratches! I'm itchy just thinking about it!

  2. That was one big load of hay. Looks like a lot of work but like you say, rewarding. Hope things are feeling brighter around your farm. Love the Dexter on the side of the barn!


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