Thursday, May 24, 2012


As part of the prep for the upcoming things we're doing, Andrew and Spice need to get used to milking together, actually Faith and Spice do too, but one thing at a time. Usually the milking chore belongs me and I really enjoy that. It's a time for me do sit down, breathe, relax and do only one thing. If I cannot relax Spice feels that and reacts to it which doesn't make for a pleasant experience. Since this is something I do because I enjoy it I don't want it riddled with a bad milking experience or two or 15...

I take this time to think and listen and enjoy.

Last night I sat back and let Andrew have a go at it and he did well, the mosquitoes were awful and she ended up kicking at one and kicking the milk pail then stepped in it so the milk went to the chickens, but overall everything went well. I was proud.


  1. Isn't caring for animals just the best thing that kids can do?

  2. absolutely! makes them realize it's not all about them!


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