Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our yearly hike

I've mentioned here before that we take a yearly hike to the top of this hill to get some pictures of the foliage and of course my beautiful children, this year despite all it's obstacles was not exception. The bonus was that Ron felt well enough to come along too! First up was Andrew, looking back at the other photos on here makes me want to cry, he's growing up so quickly but he's turning into a fine young man.

Next up was Faith, no longer a child, a  beautiful young lady on the inside and out. She's come a long way from an itty bitty preemie... Poor girl, 4th bout of poison ivy this year!
 Then came Ron's turn. I'm so thankful to have this picture of him

 I wanted a couple shots of each of us with the kids and love how these came out.

But this is my favorite shot!
 Well, this might be a second favorite, if I'm being honest.

We all had a nice time and enjoyed the view of Mt. Washington, the delightful fall foliage and the time spent together in the company of loved ones. I have no idea why God has chosen to bless me with such a wonderful family, but I am eternally thankful.


  1. It was a very good day with the family!

  2. Absolutely stunning pictures - both in composition and family!

  3. Thank you 'Dog Hair' and welcome back!


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