Sunday, October 23, 2011

yesterday's project

This house used to be a kennel and dog grooming business and had this room as the grooming room for the former owners business, it has been very underutilized while we figured out what to do with it. Well with the soap business starting to really take off and needing to have a place to cure and store it all and needing to have the area in the sun room back as living space, not soap curing space I though about that room even more. You see, it's not part of the living space of the house, it's a room off the garage and breezeway connecting the house and garage and would be just perfect for something like this. What's even more exciting about this is the fact that the cabinets were built by my mothers father and have recently come out of a house of a dear friend of mine who is remodeling her house, I nabbed them for "the shop" and installed them yesterday after painting the wall. I had some leftover paint from another room in the house and since this room had previously not been painted and was just plain chipboard wood I thought it needed some color... soooo I grabbed a paintbrush, the paint and a screwdriver and got to work. I had the wall painted (I have only one wall painted, the rest will be done shortly) and shelving up and loaded with some of my product in the couple hours I was home alone yesterday afternoon. We're getting ready for an Open Farm Day here next month and this was something I'd wanted to do for that. Lots more things to get done between now and then, but we're really excited about it!


  1. Looks like a perfect place for your soap.

  2. WOW! Do those cabinets look familiar! Glad they went to a wonderful home. My wish too is your soap business is a successful endeavor in its new spot in your home. The new set up looks great!

    Your soap is the best! We use it every day and I give it for gifts too.

  3. looks great....xo


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