Monday, October 4, 2010

the rest of the pictures

Yesterday we took the goats on a walk into the woods, well the purpose was to go to the top of the hill and take the annual fall pictures. Having the goats along made for some interesting pictures and much needed cropping. While I was setting the self timer on the camera, Katie (the goat) was certain we wanted her to be in the picture and would wait just off camera until just before the picture was taken and walked in. Ugh! Oh well, memories!
Just last year this was Andrew, I don't think he's changed that much, but he certainly doesn't look like my baby anymore...

And beautiful Faith, oddly enough looks older last year, I think it's the hair. Too quickly they grow up!

Good friends, I'm so proud of how well they get along!

Andrew and Buckley

My budding artiste!
And all of us together in the one picture I could crop the goats out of!


  1. Love those photos! I know right where these were taken too! ;-)

  2. Nice pictures. Beautiful foliage in the back ground too. And a side note is Faith loving her brother in the bottom picture? She sure could really get his attention with her arms around his neck. Brother sister love!!
    Too cute!


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