Monday, October 11, 2010

my first hand spun and hand knit hat!!!

I just finished this hat tonight and I couldn't be more excited about it! It's been a while in the process, because I spun all the yarn from roving I purchased this summer and started knitting it last night. It's a 50/50 combo of mohair and lambs wool and as soft as can be, and it's for sale!


  1. thank you! It's nice and thick and hopefully very warm for it's future owner.

  2. Fantastic! I spin and knit with my own yarn so I know how many hours have gone into your hat. You have a nice, even yarn there, especially if that was done on a drop spindle. That takes skill.

    It's National Wool Week in the UK next week, so celebrate with us and make a pair of mittens to go with that hat! I'm working on a cardigan from my Dorset sheeps' wool.

  3. What is the price? Can we barter?
    Looks so soft and warm! I am the proud owner of a hand and home made pair of Twistie's socks. They are the most toasty toe warmers I have ever had the chance to slip on my feet! Plus, they warm my heart too.


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