Wednesday, October 13, 2010

admiring beauty

The kids and I went into town today and at the request of my husband took the camera and I'm SO glad I did, what a glorious day to capture the beauty of fall! I am so blessed to live in an area where, just before the dreariness of November and the long cold winter, we are given such a spectacular display of color you cannot help but stop and admire Creation!

* can't you just see the sheep and horses that should be in this pasture!

Every time I drive past this barn it makes me smile, trying not to covet it, I think of the stories this barn could tell, I imagine myself sitting in the hay loft 100 years ago listening to the rustle of the hay as a happy cow chews her cud and a proud ewe looks protectively at her lambs. A calico cat curling up in a hideaway known only to it, resting after a long day of hunting mice. I imagine carriages it proudly protected and the dances it has known and the blood, sweat and tears it has seen from the farmers who have worked within it's walls. It evokes images of a much simpler way of life.

And this is my barn; nestled privately amongst the woods, off the beaten path, on land that has it's own story and fulfilling life long dreams. My barn doesn't have the history of the barn above, but it has an uncanny way of connecting the dreams of my past with the dreams of my future.


  1. That old barn. Yup, can "see" all those things going on in that barn. Beautifully said.
    And the colors of the fall this year are spectacular!

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words by my beautiful wife!

  3. wow you are really getting good! with that camera !

  4. Well Jan, it's really all about perspective, considering I took over 100 pictures today and these are some of the best and worthy of being posted, is it that I'm improving or just had to get a couple good shots out of that many shots? LOL!

  5. Jan - she doesn't take compliments very well. Trust me!

  6. And hopefully this Nor'easter isn't ruining your beautiful foliage. It is pretty wild on the Downeast Coast.


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