Monday, August 1, 2011

my first attempt

A surgical patient doped up on who knows what for medication does not make a great conversationalist, (unless said patient is also sleep deprived and starts conversations with folks in the next bed about pit bulls while in varying stages of sleep. ahem! A side effect that some might call conversational touretts, we won't go there! ;-) he he he!) Since it was comforting to Ron to have me at the hospital I spent a lot of time at the hospital sitting in the quiet, (I had do do something or that quiet and things we are facing were going to drive me to the edge.) so I knit. I spent the time I was alone while Ron was in the hospital trying to keep my mind from wandering into some of those scary places it shouldn't go, knit two, purl two, knit two... oh wait, what did you say we're facing?! knit two, color change, cancer?! what? knit two, color change. please explain this to me again, my mind cannot comprehend all this, my husband is not just a number attached to your paycheck! purl this row.

I knit. A lot!

I mentioned I'm not good at sitting and doing nothing and in this case other than being in the room, getting ice water, asking questions, trying to keep things and doctors straight, fluffing the bedding or pillows or feeding ice chips there was not a damn thing I could to! Talk about a feeling of complete and utter uselessness, frustration and helplessness!!! Then it donned on me! If I cannot help my husband's pain and cannot take it away I can knit up a storm with the hopes of selling the items to help bridge the gap and meet expenses! I can do that! I felt empowered in a situation I had no control over and no say in the outcome. The knitting needles have been smokin' hot!

This was my first attempt at wrist warmers/fingerless gloves/call them what you will. I've made mittens before and those have come out ok, but seeing these are so crazy popular I figured I'd have a go at making these. I used the same pattern as the mittens, but modified it slightly - I took it from 2 needles to 4, to get rid of the seam and altered the top and thumb to be fingerless.
I need to finish up the mate, but was so excited about how this came out I wanted to show y'all! It's got a hat that matches as well!
...and an actual pair of mittens.

Next to finish up is a pair of either fingerless thing-y's (for goodness sake what are these called?!) or a pair of mittens to go with the beige-ish oatmeal-y hat I also knit. When I finish up that I'm going to finish up and stuff the three teddy bears I made while there as well. I told you the knitting needles were smokin' hot!

Thanks for checking in on us here while we're going through all this. I am so touched by the kind words, prayers and genuine concern for my family from what some would consider strangers but whom I consider friends. Thank you so much. Though difficult at times,this journey has also been a blessing.


  1. I just love the finger-less mittens! How much would 7 sets of matching ones with hats cost? And what colors? Seriously, I'd like to help. I can't truly imagine what you are going thru. My husband has had blood pressure issues and very close heart issues. Thankfully nothing major and both are under control. I know when these life threatening things happen, it certainly puts things in perspective real quick! You guys have been in our prayers. May the Lord give you strength and wisdom. Blessings. L-A

  2. I love the finger-less mittens! How much will 7 sets with hats cost? Seriously, I'd like to help. We have been praying for you guys. My hubby has had blood pressure and heart issues but nothing major thankfully! I know how when these life threatening things occur, it puts our lives into perspective real quick! May God give you strength and wisdom. Blessings. L-A

  3. Thank you Leigh-Ann, I'll get a price figures out and we can further discuss it. I appreciate your prayers and interest. Glad to hear your husband's health issues are under control, and you're right about things being put in perspective quickly!

  4. Good ole Yankee resourcefulness. Mittens and hats are always a hit. Hope Ron is feeling better.


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