Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a homemade photo shoot

TWe were supposed to have our family portraits/photo shoot taken last month with a fabulous up and coming photographer, but due to Ron's recent hospitalization we needed to cancel the shoot. I was bummed but hopefully we can get in next time she visits Maine, I'm telling you this girl is amazing and we were lucky to get a sitting. Then today as "luck" would have it, (I do not believe in luck, but don't have another word for it that fits right now.) I was taking our trash to the transfer station today and drove past this field full of sunflowers in full bloom. On the way back I decided I was going to go home grab some clothes, the kids and my camera and make our own photo shoot. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful location and to have it so close by is a blessing as well. The sun was at a great angle and a nice gentle breeze kept things cool. We all took turns photographing each other and enjoying the shoot. And just as "luck" would have it we were done and leaving a full 5 minutes before the sign on the gate said they close this road... We got to the sign and the gate was already closed! What?! Fortunately we were in the car and managed to drive under the gate and go home. Why would the sign on the gate say they close at one time and already be closed before that time?! UGH! Anyway here are some of the 150+ pictures we took this afternoon. What do you think!?

The one at the top is one of my all time favorites! I cherish this time because I know that it won't be too long before he won't think holding Mommy's hand or picking her flowers is cool! So I soak it up now.


  1. They look wonderful! What a great day you were able to spend together making these memories. - The Kelly's Adv in KY.

  2. Really awesome pictures! Are you sure you're not a pro? Great work!

  3. thank you all so much! and no, I'm not a pro, just a wanna be... but thanks fir the compliment!

  4. They could not have been any better if taken by a pro. Those will make for some amazing memories someday, and someday will come in the blink of an eye.


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