Thursday, August 25, 2011

labor intensive cupcake making 101

Make a batch of cupcakes, while those are baking mix up the colored sugars. I used plain white refined sugar and food coloring, tint to the desired color and set aside. Whip up a batch of frosting, or in my case crack open a tub of frosting, select an unsuspecting cupcake and glob on the frosting. Pile it on thick enough to be able to push things into....
Open up the bag of miniature marshmallows and cut in half diagonally.

Hand dip each half of the marshmallow in colored sugar. The sugar will only stick to the cut side, forming what looks like a petal.
Place hand dipped marshmallows in concentric circles around the top of the frosted cupcake, starting with the outside edge first.
Start placing them angled slightly more up towards the center to give an open blossom look. Continuing to place the cut side up marshmallows in circles toward the center until about all of the top is covered, leaving a tiny opening at the top for a slight sprinkling of an alternately colored bit of sugar to serve as the blossoms center. Please note that your cupcakes should have between 36-48 - 1/2 marshmallows pieces placed on the top depending on the size of your cupcakes.
Repeat until all cupcakes are covered or until your head explodes or your eyes start bleeding...

A friend of mine recently told me I was "Martha Stewart in cowboy boots." I giggled. I think things like this is why she said that.... ;-)


  1. Wow, seriously amazing!

  2. Again, they taste as good as they look! They were almost too pretty to eat, I did say.....almost!

    The kind of thing to put in the freezer and eat say during a January blizzard. "Hope for Spring" cupcakes! Again...not kidding...they were lovely for the eyes and the tummy!


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