Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey Mr. "I'm a cancer doctor,"

Hey Mr. "I'm a cancer doctor," I don't need your flippant remarks, arrogance , or nasty attitude! Especially after 3 WEEKS!!!! We didn't ask for this, we have questions and want answers. All I ask if that you pretend that you care for the three minutes you I mean after all I only waited 9.5 hours today, AND 3 WEEKS to talk to you about this! I sincerely hope that if ever you find yourself in this situation you are shown more compassion than you've shown us!'re in the room, remember your oath? First do no harm?! Your bad attitude is harmful to patients and families!


  1. There should be a class in Dr. bedside manner but there doesn't seem to be. Hopefully, this guy has outlined a treatment plan that is encouraging to you and Ron.

  2. Barb, the grunt!Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    I wished I could say it is going to be easier from here, but from experience, it is not with Doctors.

    Heal quickly Ron, our prayers are with you.

    Twistie, I am here if you need to let out "some stuff" with someone that holds no malice. Having been there as the spouse waiting, trying to be polite to condescending Doctors. It is not easy...love you dear friend.

  3. You stay strong. Don't let them unravel you or make you lose your temper. Vent here and we will totally support you. You just drip,drip,drip on those oncologists like an annoying dripping tap til you get what YOU need.

    I found going in with a list of what I wanted to ask helped a lot. The docs seemed to pay attention more like it was an official meeting, and the list helped me not forget when I got frustrated. Stick a pic of your kids on that list for a bit of a lift for your spirits too.



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