Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence? Day

My sister posted this on Facebook yesterday and I think it's brilliant, so I thought I'd share it with you and hope it makes you take a moment and think about what it really means...

"from Sarah at Grassland Farms....Think about this. . .you are celebrating Independence day this weekend. Is it really independent to buy your beef from Brazil, your lettuce from Mexico, your cheese from France, your paper plates and decorations from China. . . you get my point. Truly celebrate America and Independence this weekend by SUPPORTING American and even better LOCAL food and business!"

Can we still celebrate our independence if we cannot feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, fuel our American made vehicles?


  1. Love it! May I borrow it if I credit your sister?

  2. Very profound. Probably most of the people who follow these homesteading/farming blogs think likewise, it never hurts to post a reminder about these things.

  3. If you read just what is in the quotes it states that it was Sarah at Grassland Farm that was the original source for that. I do not know Sarah or Grassland Farm. I just quoted what my sister had stated on her facebook page, the rest is me.


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