Sunday, June 12, 2011

So inspired... Jamie Oliver. Crack on breva!

Last night I decided to open the cabinets and fridge and see what I could come up with that would be different and fresh instead of....well the usual. I came up with these crazy delicious wraps. I used a whole wheat wrap and spread some tangy goat cheese down the middle then laid on some sweet red onions on that. Good start, right? In the cabinet I had a jar of smoked and marinated roasted red peppers, hmm, ok let's julienne some of those and throw them in there. Beside the peppers was a jar of artichoke heart, I opened them and diced up a few and put them in too. And combined all of this with some fresh crisp mixed baby lettuce and for a little wet drizzled a bit of green goddess dressing down the center then rolled it up and popped it into my mouth. Delish! I made some for the kids and they were both in agreement that it tasted really good and that I'd certainly have to make them again.


  1. mmmm looks good. i love wraps!! going on a limb here, want a great recipe for homemade wraps?! they are wonderful? or should i just make and freeze them for you? of Faith can make them...

  2. Sure, I'd love that recipe. Email it or pop a copy in the mail. We use a lot of wraps, so I'm sure I'll make up a bunch - at least once. ;-)


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