Monday, June 20, 2011

Ramsey gets a haircut - finally!

With everything happening here recently and all the crap we're dealing with it has not been at the top of the priority list to buy a set of clippers to clip the alpacas, a new washing machine was however. Especially when on the spin cycle you hear a loud BANG BANG BANG - on a front loader. Turns out the blah blah blah bearing went and it would have cost more for the replacement part not including labor and a house call than it would have cost for a new machine, with a warranty - guess what I opted for. So anyway, I had to ask the neighbor if I could borrow theirs again to get it done. I detest asking for help, but it was necessary, so I managed. My neighbor brought the clippers over tonight and after the barn chores were finished I decided that since it was cool now and would be hot tomorrow and we'll be busy that 9pm at night seemed like the perfect time to start shearing. So I did! I got most of the fiber off and will finish up just here and there spots tomorrow, well I guess technically today. And I think Ramsey will be less likely to attempt to climb into the water bucket. Between the time I get the rest of the boys shorn and next spring I've got to set aside a couple dollars here and there to be able to purchase my own clippers or maybe just maybe Santa will bring me a pair if I don't end up on the naughty list - again. :-)


  1. Yea, I've been meaning to clip my goats, but the milking stanchion is down in the goat shed, waaay far away from any electrical outlets and it's too awkward for me to move it by myself. It's going to get hot again today (90's) and I'm feeling rather guilty sitting here in the a/c. :/ It's interesting that you have alpacas over llamas. Seems like everyone has llamas, but the college I went to - the nuns raised alpacas so I'm a little more familiar with them and in all honesty I think I like them better.

  2. actually I have both! I started with a llama as "a less expensive to feed than another horse" companion to my gelding, then acquired a herd of 5 alpacas last fall. Llamas are very friendly and the one we have it very curious about humans, the alpacas are more reserved, but very typical for each breed. I enjoy both!


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