Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ingredients vs. ingredients

The kids and I were grocery shopping the other day and we were in the isle with all the coffees, teas, and milk additives when Andrew picked up a container of the product below and asked if I could buy this to have on hand for an occasional treat. After just having seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution episode with the cookie dough ice cream containing human hair, duck feathers and beetle secretions (which incidentally you need to see! And yes, that's really what was in there!) we were totally grossed out but came away with a valuable lesson which left a huge impact on the kids. The lesson being if you don't know what the ingredients are do not put them in your body! One I've been trying to teach and with success, but this made a lasting impression! I smiled and said "Sure! Why don't you flip over the container and see what the ingredients are." He did and promptly put it back on the shelf. I said, "Let's look and see what they are, sugar - shocking, artificial flavors -yum, (likely from corn) citric acid, (again likely from corn) red #40 (coal tar) more yumminess! salt and blue #1. Then they list the added vitamins and minerals. ::sigh:: Where are these 'vitamins and minerals manufactured and/or from what?! I'll be honest, he was disappointed, grossed out but disappointed. So I seized the moment to reinforce good and healthy eating habits albeit with flavored milk. In the 2 1/2 years we've been milking our goat and drinking it (gasp) raw, we've had strawberry milk once (the other day) and chocolate maybe 3 times? Other than that it's milk, whole and raw, the way it was intended to be consumed. So anyway, I told him I was proud of his choice and that we could still have strawberry milk but with actual strawberries. I took them to the frozen food isle and grabbed a package of strawberries; the ones I had frozen last year were gone, had him check the ingredients: strawberries, placed them in the cart and went on about the rest of the shopping.
Here are our ingredients: whole, raw, cold, goat's milk, frozen strawberries, (slightly frosty, it was humid that day and I had to blog about this so I needed a picture... ;-) ) and organic agave, and oh a blender it whip it together.
I placed the milk in the blender, tossed in the berries and sweetened slightly with the agave and blended for 30 seconds maybe? The kids loved it and said it was better than the other "junk," Ron really enjoyed it as well, tasted great and took about the same amount if time (or less) it would have taken to make the 'other' stuff. So I say this as a challenge to you, think outside the box, take baby steps, make it from scratch with ingredients you know and can pronounce and and maybe we can create national health care reform! If it to be it is up to us! Will you join me?


  1. Love this! It's good to know where your food comes from. Great for kids to learn this young so they will choose live healthier lives.

  2. Good job Mom. Too bad they couldn't compare the flavors of real vs the artificial powered stuff. I find it appalling that people actually spend good money for this crap. I am just appalled when intelligent people bring Beneful dog food to my kennel because it is so "special". Yuck!! Don't people read labels of anything anymore?

  3. lol Beneful, just how special is corn? It's in everything!

    Are you a boarding kennel, rescue kennel, grooming kennel,......or something else?

  4. Interesting. I have come a LOOOONGG way with thoughtful, local eating, but have a LONG way to go. And in ways I don't always think about. I buy soy milk, as I really hate cow/goat whatever (REAL) milk, but I reach for the Hershey's syrup without giving it a thought. Wonder how many other times I do that during a day. Hmmm. Wonder what's in my daily coffee creamer. Not sure I want to know, now! Thanks for the thought-provoking post - as usual!
    And @ Doglady - What DO you feed dogs that is BEST for them? I don't buy Beneful, but I do feed dry dog food that is chicken and lamb based, but always have the nagging feeling that I SHOULD be feeding them something better. Would love to hear opinions on a GOOD food and/or diet for dogs,as my dogs are pretty important members of my family too! Email me @ lauriesparker@gmail.com if you have a minute. Thanks!

  5. You are welcome. And just my two cents, I feed taste of the wild.

  6. yes, or you local feed store may carry it.


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