Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a new skill...

Since we were in need of his services again and the kids were here to watch him; again, our neighbor with the trusty backhoe asked about the kids not being in school. I told him they were homeschooled. He smiled and said 'well who's going to beat you up then?' I said "Oh, you mean 'socialize' them." He chuckled and said 'yeah, socialize them.' We further discussed it then he got ready to dig a hole to bury Coreah. Then he talked to the kids about the backhoe and showed them some things about how it operated, then he let them try it! Faith was up first and was a but timid, I think she was slightly fearful she'd break it, but enjoyed her time up there.
That's my girl! Way to go Faith!

Then Andrew climbed up and I think he'd have spent the entire day up there. He was not timid at all. Climbing down he said to me "WOW that was fun!"
I was secretly hoping he'd ask if I'd like a go at it but sadly I did not get a chance. Honestly though I don't know if my state of mind was in the right place, it was a really bad day for me.

How many kids do you know that have had their own private lesson on a backhoe? I know only two! Oh the blessings of being able to homeschool!


  1. How fun! Another great advantage to home schooling!

  2. I recently had a friend say "he acts like he is well socialized" about T. I laughed really hard at that one! Everyone has their own ideas.

  3. Unfortunately not, my job keeps me from having the time to do that. But, if circumstances change we'll be going full steam ahead!

  4. Cool! What a great thing to be able to do!! Love home school!! Glad they both tried it! I can see Andrew's beaming face as he steps down! As far as "socializing" the kiddos??!! Depends on what I want to expose them too as well. They get plenty of that with not only kids their own ages, and older but also adults. I think it's very important kids learn how to talk to adults. And have their voices be heard and not just seen. As long as they are respectful of the adults they are speaking to, I enjoy conversations with my kids and hearing how they interact with adults.


So what's the view from your world about that? I'd enjoy hearing it.