Sunday, March 13, 2011

mergers, acquisitions & reputations

It might seem odd to you that I'd be posting a picture of my latest acquisition; especially while I'm doing a major purge, but I'm so excited about this I just have to share it! My mother-in-law has a vase like this that she sets on a round mirror and fills with pansies and from the first moment I saw hers I'd wanted one, it's lovely! I'd looked everywhere for one and for years have not been able to find one, well no longer do I have to look, I found one! I'm so excited! Now I cannot wait to go into the garden and pick pansies to place inside it!

On another note, regarding reputation...
Apparently I have a reputation for being a crafty/creative person, it's an accurate reputation and I'm glad to have it. I enjoy crafting, Faith and Andrew enjoy crafting and with no TV we are finding more time to do all sorts of things. I recently told a friend of mine whom I'd not seen for a while that we'd given up TV, with a stunned expression on her face asked if I was happy with this. I smiled and said, "Indeed we are!" This past Thursday I was given two large totes of craft supplies from my sister-in-law who had recently done a major purge at her house, and several shoebox sized totes and a few paper bags of counted cross-stitch supplies from my grandmother who due to issues with her eyes can no longer cross-stitch. I started showing both children how to do it last weekend and Faith has really taken to it. It's her speed and type of thing. Andrew tried it too as there wasn't much else going on, it was wet and raining and it 'looked easy' so about 20 minutes into it he was close to exploding with tension. He did enjoy trying it but he's such a go go go kind of guy, get it done zip zap and move right into the next thing this was not his thing. Faith has steadily plodded along and finished hers and had since started a second project which has Andrew fit to be tied. He will finish his, being as competitive as he is.

I'm thankful that we were given all these supplies and will certainly use them for a variety of things, so at the moment I'm working on sorting them and merging them with the other craft supplies I have.

And a confession, as you may be aware, I'm working on a 40 day 40 bag purge. It's going well, I purged two bags on each of the first two days, didn't actually purge anything for the next two days, but gave some thought as to what I would be purging then today purged 10 bags! So I'm feeling good about it and really like where this is headed. I was really on a roll today and I'm thinking that the dogs were worried they might be next! So I'm at 12 bags in 5 days - how about you?


  1. I haven't been doing the 40 bags in 40 days, but since reading the various blogs, I have been mentally checking what's in drawers, cupboards, etc. I actually cleaned a bunch of things out over the last few months... Yesterday and today between hubby and teenaged daughter I have 8 bags for the thrift store (they went through their dressers and closets. It's a good feeling, huh? Oh,and I love your vase!

  2. Thank you I love the vase too! And Congratulations on 8 bags, that's AWESOME!!

  3. Barb, the grunt!Monday, March 14, 2011

    Working on 4 bags in 2 days! Since my eyesight is a little off...I broke a glass that was an antique. Grateful and thanking God I did not cut myself, I took yesterday off from "hoeing"! Next project besides filling the bags is to remove all my dishes from the cupboards and wash them. What I do not use regularly, I will find a new home or donate. But where?

    My husband is having a harder time letting go of things than I am. His plea is that it is "still good or brand new or we MIGHT NEED THAT!"....No, not cutting it this time! Give it away or I will chuck it, a lot is going!

    Do you readers of this blog have any idea what I can do with a whole set of dishes(plates, bowls, etc?) I don't drive so I am having a harder time passing those things to others. I guess I will use my "you haul it, you have it!" sign out on the front lawn soon as the snow clears! lining stuff up for that too!
    On to clothing after that!

    Need anything? Speak now.....

  4. Barb, the grunt!Monday, March 14, 2011

    BTW, very cool vase!


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