Saturday, July 3, 2010

soapbox - independence and freedom

This post may anger some of you readers, let me assure you it was not intended to do so. I hope you'll read it despite that and maybe you'll understand where I'm coming from.

My sister and I were talking the other day and she asked me if I had any plans for the weekend, Independence Day. My response was, "Ha! Independence! Ironic for a country that is completely dependant on foreign oil and money!"

Let me first say I realize what Independence Day is for and I appreciate immeasurably the price that has been paid and will continue to be paid for it.

But seriously, we say that we are free, and we are willing to die for it but my question is how free are we and how free do we want to be? I love my country and the hardworking American citizens in it, but I wonder why a country as great as ours need to borrow money from other countries? Why, if we can put a man on the moon, do life saving surgery on on unborn babies, or split atoms can we not figure out a way to stop sending our money over seas to foreign oil. I wonder why big foreign oil companies are drilling off our coasts? Whether you are for or against it does not matter, it's happening anyway!

Proverbs 22:7 tells us that ..."the borrower is slave to the lender." Is that freedom?

This state is facing a HUGE budget shortfall and we'll be electing a new governor in the fall so he/she will inherit the problem and the current governor will just step down, scott free! UGH! I don't envy the next governor. I realize it's not solely one person at fault but when will it stop? Does our state/country need to become bankrupt before it stops? How much debt does a country need to have before it is bankrupt? Trillions of dollars? Quadrillions? When is enough enough? I don't want to be slave to the lender, I don't want my children or grandchildren to be slave to the lender. I want freedom! I know it's going to hurt; I'm ok with that, and it's going to be a while before we conquer that mountain of debt but I know it will be worth it when we do. I think the best thing to do when you find yourself in the bottom of a hole is to STOP DIGGING! If the only thing we have to use to get out from under that enormous mountain is a spoon, USE IT!!! Eventually we'll get a spade, then a backhoe, then an excavator, etc. I don't have all the answers, I'm just really tired of seeing my husband work so hard and seeing all the taxes he pays being squandered and pissed away on stupidity! My 9 year old son gets it! He knows you have to save for things you really want and if you don't have the money you don't buy "it" whatever "it" is. He has wanted a cow for at least three years now, at first I thought it was a phase but 2 years ago when he decided on his own to put his birthday money in his savings account to save for a cow I knew he was serious. It's hard for him sometimes, (and that's ok) when he has a couple dollars in his pocket and heads into a store, temptation is everywhere. Today at the register there was 2 foot expanding gel-type snake thing-y, (aka junk!) he asked me if he could buy it. I've never said he couldn't buy anything; it's his money, he can spend it however he wants; I just ask what he wants more, that snake or his cow. Without fail he decided the cow is more important. Does he have the cow? No! Could we buy him the cow? Absolutely! Would that teach him anything? No! When he does get his cow he will know the importance of spending wisely, saving and sacrificing in order to get what you really want. When he has his cow he'll be able to enjoy it because he won't be slave to the person lending him the money because there won't be one! A lesson our country could stand to learn.

So that's my soapbox for tonight, there are my thoughts on the matter, what are yours? I wish you all a very happy and safe independence day. Enjoy it, it's one of my favorite holidays!


  1. Barb, the gruntSunday, July 04, 2010

    AMEN, sweet friends, AMEN!

  2. Very well said and I totally agree! My parents brought my brother and I up knowing the value of our dollar and taught us how the save, and helped nurture the patience that is needed when temptation comes along. I applaud you for bringing your children up this way as well and leading them by example. If everybody would do their part, then the next generation of leaders would have a group of people that know how to handle things, and won't get so carried away with the instant gratification and delusions of grandure that having mass amounts of credit can bring.
    I hope your son can keep saving enough to get his cow soon. It will be such a happy satisfaction to look out and see Ms. cow grazing in the pasture and knowing what he did to obtain his reward. :)

  3. Thank you! I think he's about half way there, after the pig goes to market he'll be have enough saved I believe.

  4. Preach it sister!! Preach it!!


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