Saturday, July 3, 2010

a pool for the pigs

It was so hot here today, I think if I lived on a paved road we easily could have fried an egg on it! It was hot but the breeze made it bearable, thank God for the breeze! I went out to make sure the girls (pigs) had water after all they cannot sweat to cool off, unlike me, I sweat enough for the two pigs, myself and at least three other people! Oh, that's right, women don't sweat, we glisten.... who ever made up that cock and bull story never worked a day in their life! I sweat! They had slurped up all their breakfast and were nearly bone dry when I went out. Well, I had seen the giant hole they had excavated overnight thinking that was a good thing as the cool earth would help keep them cool, then I had the bright idea of filling up the hole with water. Holy pigs were they excited! I hooked a wagon to the tractor to make toting water faster and easier. Carted many water buckets to the impromptu swimming hole figuring that even in the water didn't stay it would make mud for them to play in. They done into it like you or I would into double fudge brownie ice cream! Literally squealing with delight.

Andrew wanted to get in the mud with them, (shocked aren't you?) but there wasn't much room with both pigs in there so he decided to sit on the edge and splash water on Freedom and give her a "marsarge." I think she really enjoyed it, have you ever seen a smiling pig?

Freedom enjoying her pool and "marsarge" or should I call it the day spa?

Beautifully happy cooled off pigs.


So what's the view from your world about that? I'd enjoy hearing it.