Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet Sawyer and Huck

My two renegade turkeys. Named for Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, (Sawyer because he's already a tom, ha ha!) you know, always out on adventures and getting into trouble! Well these two darling little turkeys could not be more appropriately named. I was up about 5 am the other morning chasing these two boys back into their pen, this was after I'd been woken up be an absurdly shrill PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEP (it's always 4 times) at 5 am I am not nice, I am not a morning person and I actually laid there debating going out and rescuing them, again, no this was not the first time they'd gotten out. But I heard the cat out there and figured I'd better go protect my investment, she's an EXCELLENT mouser, but I did not want to find out how she is with turkey poults. I must have been quite a sight, out there in my hot pink bathrobe stumbling around without my glasses (because am 5 am I'm not thinking clearly either...), bent over like a hunchback, clapping and psst'ing at these naught little boys! The first time it was just Sawyer that got out, then he coerced Huck to venture out as well, well wouldn't you know it when they get out they immediately start that aforementioned PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEPing freaking out because it's a big scary world out there and they have no momma to redirect them. Ugh, one thing I never thought I'd be was a surrogate momma turkey! Let me tell you it didn't take me long after that to fix the problem well enough for it not to happen again!

*Bet I didn't strike you as the hot pink bathrobe type huh? I made it a hundred years ago when Faith was little, she though it was "so pitty Mommy" and it made her smile.

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  1. LOL!!! I can totally picture you in my mind in your hot pink bath robe like a hunchback chasing these stupid birds back into their home!!! At 5 am!!! LOVE IT!! Farm life that is. LOL


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