Friday, December 4, 2009

Soap done and wrapped - check

I've spent part of my day wrapping all the goat's milks soap I've made so I can deliver it to my customers next week and its a huge job to have done and can now officially check it off my "to do" list. In case you might be interested on any please contact me or leave me a comment. I've got the following scents available:

Soapy Clean
Ancient Sedona (masculine)
Citronella Scented Geranium
Moroccan Fig
English Rose
I might even have a few oatmeal bars at the first of the week... we'll see how it goes...

On another note I'll be wrapping up another huge project this weekend and I cannot wait to show you guys! That's the reason I haven't posted anything for a while, you'll see why in a few days! YEAH! Making great progress!


  1. I cannot wait! Been purchasing Twistie's goat soap for quite a while now. Wonderful stuff! Given it as gifts to visitors from away and to family as well. Wicked good stuff from a wicked nice family!

  2. Thanks Barb, that's nice to hear!


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