Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet the Cast - Kate and Buckley

Once again the kids named our critters, the buckling ended up with the name Jonathen H. Buckley, Texas Pete was also tossed around but it didn't stick. He's most often referred to as Buckley and is adorable as the day is long. His personality is very sweet and laid back. Andrew was smitten at first glance, in case you couldn't tell.... Buckley is on the left, Cowgirl Kate is, as she usually is center stage; she's the one with the large white "hat" on her head. Kate is a real firecracker! I knew she'd be a force to be reckoned with before she was born, when I'd pat Strawberry's belly and talk to the babies she'd stick her head or foot out under my hand. Knowing what that feel like from my own experience I'd try to push it back down, she'd insist on keeping it pushed out. Strawberry was very patient with us playing with her belly, as long as there was plenty of food to occupy her. In case you're wondering how I know it was her, it's her personality on the outside that leads me to believe it was, she's very demanding. When she's hungry or want your attention she doesn't bleat softly like her brother she goes from loud to screech in one bleat!

Kate and Buckley just a few hours old.

They were in the house just a short time more because it was our first time and we didn't want to miss a minute but also because it was so cute to hear the hoof beats running across the floor! You'd swear both of them had a dozen legs each! When you didn't hear them running it would be time to go look for them, once, we found them under a desk and they looked too cute not to take their picture! See for yourself!

The twins just under a week old.

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