Monday, October 19, 2009

...having the right tool...

As I've mentioned before there is a lot to be said for having the right tool for the job, case in point a leaf blower makes huge smiles on children's faces appear more quickly then when raking conventionally. This weekend I blew up a huge pile of leaves for the kids to jump in, they had the idea to let the goats join in the fun as well, much to my delight the kids (all 4 of them) had a blast. Kate and Buckley enjoyed their time by laying in the center of the pile and treating it as their own personal snack bar... Faith and Andrew enjoyed their time refilling the said snack bar.

A birthday gift from my husband in the way of an axe made chopping the wood much easier than the previously mentioned hatchet that I'd been using. It now only takes 1-2 swings to split the wood instead of 4-5. It's way faster. It probably only took me 20 minutes to split all the wood in the photo below and some of those pieces needed to be split into 5-6 chunks! I'm really looking forward to having all the wood split and stacked and out of the driveway.


  1. LOVED the leaves with all the "kids" - too fun! And I am totally in awe of you splitting all that wood. I've never swung an ax. Ever - sad to say - well kind of sad to say. LOL

  2. I used to chop all 5-6 cords a year with an axe. I just GIVE up!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. I received a wood splitter for Valentines day from my hubby last year. I LOVE it. I needed it. Now I can have all my wood done by mid summer. I will use an axe if I have to, but I'll stick to the splitter. Way to many summers spent listening to the kids in the pool as I split wood, axe over head. lol


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