Sunday, October 4, 2009

I must really love them...

My mother has asked me on occasion, "Now why do you do this?" referring to farm life, clearly something you're either cut out to do or not. She's not. To which I answer, "Because I love it!" I truly do, there is something magical about trudging out to the barn in February in this much snow carrying 5 gallon water buckets and being greeted by the warm nicker of my horse, the hum of the llama and the bleating of the goats. No seriously, it is the reason I do this. I cannot explain it to those who are not cut out for it, but those who are understand. Yes, it's cold and the snow on this particular morning was well past my knees but it's the greeting from the barn that motivates this non-morning person to crawl out of bed before the coffee is on board and do the morning barn chores.
Well, as my mother would say, you must really love it. I do.


  1. I remember at one point this summer - in the midst of cleaning out the chicken tractor & weeding the garden - that I too love what I'm doing. ;-) I'll need to remember that this winter. LOL

  2. Ugh - not prepared for that picture.

  3. Barb, the grunt!Friday, October 16, 2009

    I am enjoying your blog so much! I used to raise goats and bunnies on 23 acres of Heaven on the Hill, my farm. Having all the milk I could handle from my goats, branched out too into making Indian pudding, custard and just enjoy real goat soap (the other udder!). Your tale here makes my mind wander back to wind swept mornings with of -50 wind chill racing up the steep Hill to greet me in the morning. But in that howl, I heard the loving bleats from my "kids" in the barn. Then to greet each one of the animals, my cat tucked in all night with the goats...warm as toast. The rabbits tucked in too, were velvet under my fingertips as I tried to get the feeling back in my frozen fingers. Goats make merry music, background for those morning chores, turned me from a "Barbsicle" to wonder woman! Funny how you do not feel so cold when you look into those goat faces and they look back at you with a "MMMmmmm" sound like a purr. Just ready to start the day with a smile.

    Oh I do get your love of a farm, it is in the blood. Or I must have gotten kicked! Either way, I get you and your farming ways.


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