Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Galloway's Kingdom

Lots of stuff going on here at the farm recently and some of the big plans I had for this year are not going to work out for several reasons, I'm disappointed but at the same time totally fine with it. Sounds weird huh? Cannot explain it.

Our herd has grown and will have two more sets of hooves arriving at the end of June! Spice has taken a whooping from the older does and what a trooper she has been. I think a week and a half later she's finally been accepted or at least now she's tolerated. I think this because she's allowed to lay down and rest with the rest of them. That made me happy, I think Orange Spice did too, look at that smile!

She seems to have adopted Galloway, not in a way that allows him to nurse or anything like that, but I think her maternal instinct kicked in when he arrived and she seems to be looking out for him. To the point that she hopped the fence dividing the herd to be with him last night and in doing that made her udder extra full! I found that to be interesting. And sweet.

 Galloway met his herd and was sniffed and sniffed and sniffed some more. Way too much butt sniffing for me but it did make me appreciate the fact that I'm not an animal and that humans don't greet each other that way!

Then he came back to me where he knew it was safe, then Orange Spice came to check him out and I think that's when she decided he needed proper looking after by his own kind and since she seemed to be the only one capable of doing it that it was henceforth her job, period.

Katie is really not sure what to think of him, though knowing Katie it's likely something along the lines of, "Haha good luck buddy!"

But really, look at him! He's SO handsome and should likely prove to be a wonderful herd sire.

 Babies and animals always love my husband; Galloway is no exception, he had quite a snooze up there then Venus walked over to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. I'm thinking that went along the lines of, "Thanks for letting the future king come live in his kingdom. Ahem and by king I mean goat king.... ;-)
Things are really hopping her at From the Country Farm!


  1. great pics.
    glad to hear that galloway has been "excepted" by the ladies so far, and that orange spice likes to look after him too.
    is that her name for sure orange spice, or is a name in the works?

  2. What a sweet post. Loved it. Love the LIFE at your farm.

  3. Thanks for sharing the story and pics. He is adorable!


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