Sunday, April 29, 2012

featuring our rockettes... or maybe the rockgoats...

All three mommas.... 

I have to say I think this is a pretty cool shot. I was just hanging out in the pasture with them the other day and they came over to visit and Galloway came over for a nap. Spice never strayed too far from him, but did take the opportunity to catch up on some grazing since both her babies were together and in one place. Yes, when ever I am in the pasture, yard, vehicle, woods or walk away out of her sight in the barn after milking I am scolded because I too am her baby I'm guessing because I take her milk. Silly goat! In fact Bridger was out there with us and I had him come over and lay down near us and Spice was NOT happy about that, she snorted and stomped her feet then head butted him in the shoulder. She was on duty and was not going to let her babies be gobbled up by a big black goat and human eating ginormous monster! Poor Bridger, he jumped about a foot into the air and wondered what the heck had just happened then looked at me like" Mom! I didn't do anything, I was just laying here taking it in and wham!" I felt bad. Spice hasn't cared for him since arriving and the thing about it is he has never showed any aggression towards any of them. That being said the other goats have gotten used to him and I'm sure she will too.

We're just shy of two months away from Venus kidding (it's twins!) and while she was eating her grain last night Faith and I were watching her belly and could see the babies moving and kicking like crazy, watching her face light up in delight and discovery was worth everything  I do to make this place run.

Since Venus is having twins (and already starting to waddle like a penguin) and Spice already has two babies to take care for, I wonder what she's going to do when there are two more babies within her radar. hmm, should prove to be an interesting summer!

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