Saturday, March 3, 2012

parental discretion advised...

I have seen some realllllllllllly bad movies in my life and will admit that I've watched an watched an entire movie and thought "It's got to get better" or "Well there's a chunk of my life I'll never get back," but when it comes to my kids it's a different story. I took the kids to see the lorax today and gathered up my kids and walked out about half way through in complete and total disgust. Boys do not need to be told that they do stupid things because they are a boy or that if they do a stupid thing twice it's because they like a girl, and FYI girls do not need to hear this either! The main character does not need to say it's ok to be knitting, my son knits - that's not the issue- (a pink scarf, hat thing-y) or be wearing a pink polka-dot frilly apron! Or have him scream a loud 'song' about it is all about him and how bad can it be since it's all about him?! OMW!!!! I'm all for men cooking and/or wearing an apron or a chef suit but seriously a pink frilly apron?! It is crap like this that just doesn't need to be put out there. We need to be encouraging our young men to be courageous fearless men and encourage our daughters to look for and admire these qualities. There you go, have at it!


  1. No Kidding! What got us too were the previews... there were so many really little kids in the theatre where we were, and some of the previews were cartoons, yes, but "teenager" cartoons like Frankenweenie. That one scared my 8 year old! Really makes me think three or four time before we go to another movie in the theatre.

  2. is disgusting, just plain disgusting!

  3. Barb, the grunt!Tuesday, March 06, 2012

    Remember the makers of the movie, the studio, the messages. Then think again, if you'll open your pocket book to profit these messages, is this really something you support?

  4. Exactly! I just didn't do my homework beforehand, a serious mistake I will not make again. That was a very very costly mistake.


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