Wednesday, November 9, 2011

freedom and flexibility

I'm thankful for many things today all of which relate to homeschooling my children. First I'm thankful for the opportunity or rather freedom to home school; the full, complete and total support of my husband, the lifestyle that allows me to stay home and do this, the support of many family members and friends some of which home school and some that do not and for those that think we're completely nuts! I'm thankful for the flexibility, for the spontaneity and the structure of homeschooling. I'm thankful to those who paved the way before us who knew that this was in the best interest for their children and fought so the rest of us could have a go at it too. I'm thankful that I've been there all along for, with and beside my children and that I've witnessed many moments of  "a-ha! I get it!" and worked through the frustrations of not getting things the first go round and I'm thankful we can take the time needed for them to get it and not hold the rest of learning back or be held back when they are ready to zoom forward in something. I'm also thankful that we are enjoying this journey together, even the days that are less then 'perfect.'

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  1. You and other home schoolers are to be commended for doing this for your children. 30+ years ago home school families were considered very odd but now they are envied.


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