Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Wiggler Update # 3

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn't checked on the red wigglers in an while, but seeing as they are very low maintenance and I wasn't smelling them I figured we were good. I was correct! I decided to pop open the cover and take a peek and this is what I saw! Black GOLD! This is a job very well done! I didn't have time to remove the castings, so I added more bedding and a bite to eat and gave them a stir and shut the cover. I've been at this for just over a year and I'll tell you it a slow process, but it's worth it and not something that requires any stress or much time. Peel a couple carrots for a salad? Do not put them in the trash, put them in the worm bin, or the pigs bucket, or give them to the chickens, or a treat for the horse or goats, or put them on the compost pile, but for crying out loud, DO NOT throw them away! Unless of course you have none of the above and if that is the case, get one or more! At a later date, when things are slower, I'll harvest the castings and post pics if you're interested, I'm thinking it'll be about the time I do some seed starting!


  1. Kinda gross.
    But the horses and the sheep get the carrot scraps here. The chickens aren't fast enough for Abbys big mouth. Neither is Time Out! HAHA

  2. I had worms a couple of years ago but once I got chickens, I had nothing for them and kept forgetting to save anything out. When I was actively feeding them, I had issues with fruit flies.

  3. No problems here, thankfully. This has been really super easy.


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