Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birthday Girls

Faith discovered while choosing her 4-H heifer this year that they shared the same birthday, how neat is that? So being the thoughtful girl she is, she called the dairy barn and asked if she could pop in to wish her girl a happy birthday and to see if she could bring her a carrot treat. The barn obliged her but suggested to her that a bit of grain might be a better treat as opposed to the carrot. We hadn't seen Blitz for a few months as show season is over as is the lease agreement, she's a whole lot larger now than just a few months ago; we found her in yet another barn but not surprisingly she was eating! Did I even mention that she's a pig! Yes, she's a Holstein, but she ate a proportionately larger amount of food while in our care. Anyway, her head was sticking out through the slots to the feed trough, it was almost like she was expect Faith. Faith walked up to her and held out her hand with a palm full of grain, Blitz licked it up and looked for more. Faith reached out to give her a scratch and Blitz backed away shyly, Faith was patient and took her time and eventually the light came on for Blitz, (no small feat for a Holstein I'm told.) and then she stepped forward to Faith to pat and scratch, then she gave her another bite to eat. I chatted with the barn owner while all this was taking place and we agreed it was lovely for a child to choose to spend time with a heifer in a dairy barn any day, but especially on their birthday.


  1. Such a sweetie! Happy Birthday Faith! Hope it was a good one, and let me know how wonderful that cheesecake was! Thats the best birthday cake EVER!!!


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