Sunday, April 18, 2010

We have movement!

It's official! I just went out to do barn chores and took a heavy duty flashlight with me; and candled a couple eggs, again, only to find that we have movement! In at least three of the eggs I saw what I believe to be movement of the chick embryos! Soon, I should be announcing that we have chicks if everything continues as anticipated.


  1. How Fun! Can't wait to see the little ones!

  2. You're going to cause those chicks to come out dizzy, you just watch, as soon as they're hatched they'll wobble around like drunken sailors for the first few minutes. ;-)

  3. I did not know you had bred some hens. I thought you were going to buy bred eggs.

  4. LOL aka! too funny!

    Anon, a friend of mine has fertilized eggs that we swapped, she has a couple roosters and I do not. I honestly was not even sure it would work, but so far so good!


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