Tuesday, April 27, 2010

peep, peep, peep

Last night when we did the barn chores we check the nest to see what was happening and heard peeping! Faith got all teary eyed and exclaimed, "I'm a grandma!" This morning we saw that three had broken through the shell, it won't be much longer now!

In case you're keeping track, yes, it's been longer than 21 days, but I figure why wouldn't it? My mother calls what we have here the misfit farm, totally justified though. We have a horse that is aging faster than the speed of light, we've had him for nearly three years and he's aged about 6-7 years. I was told when I bought him he was "late teens, maybe 20, doubtfully 20." When the vet came she said right around 20 and then the equine dentist aged him at 24-25 last year.... We got a great deal on him, considering he's solid gold! Then we get a guard llama who is scared of his own shadow! A hen that most always lays yolk-less eggs that are the size of a grape or double yolkers, and she's the largest hen in the flock. Our milking doe sounds like a cow when she blats and snores when she sleeps our other doe undoubtedly thinks she's a horse. The older cat goes out to hunt at about 8pm and wants to come back in at 3am. She's learned that the door does not open at three and now waits until about 7:30. So these poor chicks started life off in the fridge, get to our farm and Queen decided to take her sweet time deciding if she was actually going to sit there, so it was a slow start for them. Mom came for a visit this weekend in hopes of seeing the chicks hatch, as Saturday was officially the 21st day, but with no luck. We did candle the eggs so she could see inside them and casually asked how I was going to train the chickens to get around the yard seeing as the were going to come out blind from all the candling! I laughed, and said why wouldn't they, it's the misfit farm!

So there you have it, I think we'll have chicks this afternoon! If we do I'll post pictures.

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