Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meet the Cast - Harley

So I kind of feel about dogs like Lay's feels about their potato can't have just one. That's how we ended up with Harley, our Boxer. She and Coreah were fast friends and played very well together.

Seeing we lived within city limits at the time, we were not allowed to have any livestock, so the dogs were the beginning. My husband was hired by a company far enough away from our first home to cause us to move, much to our delight! When discussing our new home his requests were a garage and high speed internet; mine were different, I wanted land and a barn. After many months of looking we were about to throw in the towel and settle on a house that had a few of the things we wanted. In fact the day we were going to make an offer on another house is the day this house found us and we made an offer on it that night. We'd have moved in that night too if it hadn't been for all the official paperwork and all. We'd found it, land with a barn, garage, high speed internet and it came with a house as well! (To be quite honest, it was the land and barn what we bought, the house was just an added bonus.) My husband says he did not have a list of things that he wanted in a house but this house was it as soon as he saw it. My mom loves architecture and rode shotgun with me while we were house hunting all those months, so needless to say she came with us to see this house. As we drove in the driveway she said "welcome home." I knew right then I was home. Getting out of the car and walking through the barn and around the property brought me to tears; this is truly one of my childhood dreams come true. My family was blessed to have found this property, in ways that I simply cannot put into words.

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