Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet the Cast - Coreah

How'd we get here from there? Well, my son Andrew popped the bedroom door open one morning and said, "Mommy I need a puppy!" We got one a few months later. An American Bulldog whom he named Coreah. It was his version of a character of Veggie Tales, but he was only 3 years old at the time. It was hard to say no to those big squishy cheeks at the time, but I digress.

We got Coreah when she was 4 months old, what a tank even at that stage. Here she is in all her glory at almost two. Watching over 'her' kids of whom she is fiercely protective.

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  1. I was never one for bulldogs, but she's just beautiful. I love the story behind how you got her too. ;-) Go Andrew! LOL


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