Thursday, February 9, 2012

and without a bursting bladder!

 "What is she doing?" may be a question you're asking right about now. Well this is an ultrasound to check for pregnancy being done on a goat. Strawberry to be exact. I'm very frustrated with this doe lately. With her first kidding she couldn't have made it look easier, Buckley was a big boy but not so big as to cause damage. Katie just slid out like one going through a tunnel on a water slide! No issues conceiving, kind of a one shot wonder type deal. Last year; two years after Buckley and Katie were conceived, I tried to breed her again, no luck. Figuring it was just too late in the season or what have you I chalked it up to a loss. This year I've used two different bucks and not has success with either one, both of which are proven bucks. So it's certainly my doe, what is frustrating is I have no idea why this is happening. I've talked to the vet about this and we've got a game plan, starting with this ultrasound to see if the last time was a charm. It was not. :'-( I've given her a dose of something that's supposed to help this process along and bring her to the buck tonight, but in all honesty I'm not counting on this working. I'm sooooo very discouraged. Right now Venus is the only one that is bred and I'm so hoping she took, but I'll have an ultrasound done on her as well to be sure. If she didn't, my last hope is Katie, cantankerous, persnickety, tail wagging Katie. And counting on her is comparable to counting on a politician to fulfill campaign promises. Don't hold your breath!

Strawberry was so good and the vet was so patient and really was hoping to find babies in there but with no success.  I fought back tears in vet's office wondering what I'm going to have to do. This sucks!

And oh, I know she didn't have the bursting bladder that any mom who's ever had an early pregnancy ultrasound "needs" because she walked into the office and promptly peed and dropped 'goat berries' all over the waiting room floor! Sheepishly I asked for some paper towels...


  1. wow I know that is frustrating, I hope she takes this time. She is a gorgeous goat!

  2. love the post name! sucks about the goat. hopefully the shot will work and she'll give you some more kids! i also liked your description of katie! so true!

  3. Took her up last night and she wouldn't stand, her estrus was a flash in the pan and the MUCH earlier than the vet had said. I should have taken her up the night before. :-( So if Venus (who is a stunning doe, vs Strawberry's very sweet personality) didn't take, literally my last shot it Katie or looks like I'll be looking for another milking doe! UGH!


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