Tuesday, January 3, 2012

best seat in the house!

If I have to be in the house and not in the barn, arena or garden then this is where I love to be. This sunroon was the best investment the former homeowners ever made! Three walls of windows to let in oodles of light, high vaulted ceilings and only two outlets so that it cannot be spoiled with electronics like tv's and dvr's. blech! So next time you're wanting a great cup of chai, or a strong iced coffee stop in, have a seat and sit a spell.


  1. Yup I would have to agree with you there! I love to be in that room, and Chai tea or strong iced coffee, even better! Almost a good as being in the barn!! We should get together soon, after all it's the new year and all!!

  2. it is a very nice seat in the house!!! right off the kitchen and everything! coffee is pretty good too!


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