Friday, June 8, 2012

Meet the Cast - Barnam and Bale-e

Barnam, get it, Barn-am?

                                                                     Bale-e, get that, Bale-e?

And because my life sometimes feels like a three ring circus! hahaha! Not always, just some days.

These two have blended in with the rest of the herd so beautifully, I cannot believe it. When Spice arrived they pounded the snot out of her for weeks! But these two are actually leading the rest of them to the the best places on the farm to forage and are staying in the woods for a portion of the grazing time, it's amazing! They've been roughed up a bit, as expected, but absolutely nothing like what Spice went through. I just couldn't be more pleased with how they've blended in! I just love their little faces and those beards just kill me!

Or maybe I adore them because they look so happy.

I'm not exactly sure, but I am happy they are here.


  1. Their names are awesome! They look so cool! Glad they integrated nicely with your herd.

  2. hehehehe they are cute. like the names too, much better then their other names.


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